Mallory's Cats!


Mallory's Cats!


Become one of Cleopatra's Cats and you will not only be listed and given credit within the pages of the Nekonomicon Book, you will also see a picture of your very own cat appear! Immortalized in the artwork for all time, we will feature the meowingly cute face of your familiar in the official Nekonomicon Book. Special tribute to Mallory's cats <3


  • Custom Homage to Your Cat
  • Executive Artistic Producer credit in Nekonomicon Book
  • Nekonomicon Book
  • Nekonomicon T-shirt
  • Signed Nekonomicon CD
  • Digital Download of Nekonomicon, Cult of Cats and Night
  • Nekonomicon Limited Edition Enamel Pin and Sticker
  • Bonus Track: Re-Bind (Binding Retro Mix)
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