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Releasing their second full album Cult of Cats, the electronic duo Curse of Cassandra from Dayton, Ohio mixes dark, whispery vocals with glittering dance beats to conjure worlds of ‘witch-dance’ and ‘grave wave.’ A review of the album describes it as “a web of airy atmospherics, machine-like rhythm lines and spookily subtle melodies to invoke an auditory world of sensuality.” Voted Best Electronica 2015 and 2016 for Best of Dayton Underground,  their new album Cult of Cats has had successful radio play on more than 150 stations nationally, and licensing deals with 10 networks including E!, A&E, MTV, BET, Oxygen and NASCAR. Curse of Cassandra has shared the stage with national acts such as September Mourning, Edge of Paradise, Angelspit, The Gothsicles, Die Sektor and the Genitorturers. With their sphynx cats, Asia and Armand, the witch-dance couple performs across the U.S. spreading their musical paw prints of pretty gloom for all of the curious cats out there.


Nicole Richter, lead vocals

Nicole Richter, lead vocals

Jacob Richter, vocals & synths

Jacob Richter, vocals & synths


Live Performances

Curse of Cassandra incorporates live theatrical elements such as lighting, smoke and audience interaction during their performance by gifting cat ears to fans from the stage and bringing them into the 'cult of cats.' Mixing EBM style beats with live acoustic drums, lead vocal changeups from song to song between two singers, and surprise elements like a sudden saxophone solo, Curse of Cassandra brings a live band experience that bridges the gap between electronic DJ-based venues and traditional live performance venues crossing easily among different genres.


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"It's like dancing with the devil, you can see and feel the dark dangerous edge, but you simply can't resist." — Kate E. Lore, Dayton Most Metro

“What Curse of Cassandra really serves up is industrial-dance, gutter-glam gloom. Gothic, gauzy synths mingle with buzzier bass lines to propel these songs violently forward and get your body moving. Much like some of Reznor’s best moments, there’s a rock spirit in Curse of Cassandra’s work, but it’s animated by the synthetic heartbeat of pop—and that always makes for a compelling pairing.” — Michael Ward, Awards Watch

“A nostalgically fresh wave of dance floor domination and deviation harkening back to the downtown Goth/industrial era mecca of the 1470, Asylum, Foundry heyday. Their musical muse brings back black nailed, opaque memories of dancing in euphoric bliss till dawn then retiring to your sheeted coffin or rafter.” — Mike Ritchie, Covering the Scene

"Siren vocals combine with gritty beats in Curse of Cassandra. It's beauty and the beast in electronica form." — Julia Hatmaker, Penn Live - The Patriot News


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Tech Rider

Nicole Richter - Vocals

Nicole sings through a vocal processor (Boss ve-20 Processor). She needs 1 XLR to board. She has her own mic and mic stand.

Jacob Richter - Vocals & Synths

Jacob needs 1 XLR to board and a boom stand with mic if available. The music needs 2 XLR to board with 2 sources of power.

The Venue

The venue will need to supply a PA system with speakers, subs, monitors & mixer. The venue will also need necessary cords, cables and power hook-ups for the PA system. If this is not possible, please contact the band to come up with alternative solutions. The band provides a fog machine and some ambient lighting as part of stage show. The band needs a 4 x 6 space that is visible to set up merchandise table.


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